Warner and movies

We work with Warner Bros. We use cognitive and evolutionary research to explain and predict trends in fiction consumption by focusing on the consumers' preferences.

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Universality and diversity in world fictions

This research includes multiple projects on how biological adaptations and adaptive sources of variability impact the universality and diversity of attractive features in fictions.


Cultura 1.0

Cultura 1.0 is a research project aimed at quantifying cultural productivity in time and space using Wikipedia & Wikidata.

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Pass culture and Cultural diversity

We work with the Pass Culture, a system that provides access to cultural activities, set up by the French government for the young. We study how we can compute the diversity of cultural consumption of the young. 

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Bunka is a Search Engine that leverages embeddings , visualisation and collective intelligence to explore the web meaningfully.


Theory of entertainment

We develop an evolutionary theory about entertainment and why and how it evolved in human cultures.

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